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Male and Female Strippers in Houston, TX

Female Strippers and Exotic dancers in Houston, TX

Hot and Ripped Strippers Presents: hotnrippedstrippers.com the number one web site for male and female strippers in Houston, TX since 1998. We specialize in providing your bachelor party, bachelorette party, birthday party, company party, frat party, sorority party or any other party with the hottest and most ripped strippers in Houston, TX. Our strippers are ready to work with you.

We have strippers for every type of party and offer all kinds of different services such as magic mike night or male revues, strip-o-grams, full nude, girl-on-girl, action sport parties, toy parties, hooter shooters, topless, and so much more. This is only a small sample of the type of services we offer, for a variety of occasions. Whatever your needs are we are sure we can meet them.

Male Strippers in Houston, TX

The magnificent JP Morgan Chase Tower will be put to shame once you site one of our stripper or dancer. They bring headbanging fun in the most graceful way ever. Ladies, you do not want to have a girls’ night without our Greek god-like male strippers. Having our female strippers and dancers stand before you is like having Aphrodite herself in your presence. Who would ever want to miss that? These strippers are not just hot, they also have great abilities and talents, with a killer costume to back them up, which will knock you off your feet.

We are all about parties, no matter what type of event, graduation parties, sorority parties, work parties (happy hour), birthday parties, frat parties and of course bachelor and bachelorette parties just to name a few. You can hold these events at any venue in Houston, TX that pleases you; we will be there. Put your days of scouting strip clubs and bars behind you, and enjoy hassle-free and crystal-clear negotiations and services from Hot and ripped strippers. Make a decision not to settle for less, Hot and ripped strippers and dancer are more than 'more.'

Too much talk about dancing and stripping? Here are some of our unique services that will switch up the mood in your parties. Strip-o-grams, full nude, girl-on-girl, action sports parties, toy parties, magic mike night or male revues, hooter shooters, topless, and a whole lot more. We sure know how to give those other outlets a run for their money, and our goal is to turn your money into all your party fantasies. Say no to the old striptease and jests, embrace the new face of strip entertainment which is Hot and Ripped strippers.

Guest should not be seen yawning or falling asleep in St your event. As the people of Houston are cheerful, the same spirit should be brought to your party. When you are prepared to alter the fate of your parties, feel free to call us today. Booking with us is very easy and trouble-free. Host the greatest party ever to be recorded in Houston, TX with hot and ripped strippers. We are here to serve you.

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